meaWhen facing a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, you may feel anxious, but there are some natural ways to find relief that you may try. Even if you don’t feel pain in all your joints, you should protect them from heavy physical activities. Your joints will be safe and later you will see the benefits of this protection. This is only one type help with rheumatoid arthritis, but there are other methods you can try. There is a lot of rheumatoid arthritis experts out there, but here are some tips from us. One of them is mild exercise. You do not have to run fast or go to the gym often. In your condition, it will be enough to have light but regular physical activity. You can go for a walk or swim for half an hour. If you practice that every …


ynhdrRAID repair is often necessary when the hard drive array system is corrupted. RAID means redundant array of independent disks and this works together in order to minimize data loss. Sometimes, RAID can also give the computer system additional processing speed. But overall, this is designed in order to duplicate the files that are saved in order to reduce its loss. Data like business databases, pictures, music, movies, and many others can be saved with a RAID. However, if this is not working properly, it is recommended to perform a professional RAID repair immediately.

Attempting a repair without appropriate knowledge is not advised by experts. This is because the more mistakes you committed, the greater the chances of not bringing back the lost files. Hence, whenever there are catastrophic calamities going on and the RAID is affected, seek professional help …


Whether it’s caused by a disaster like a fire or flood, by malicious corruption, or purely by accident, magnetic data can often be retrieved. It takes an expert using sophisticated, state-of-the art technology, but data recovery specialist firms claim success rates of more than 90%.

“If the data is there, we can get it back,” asserts Jeffrey McDonald, UK business development manager for the U.S.-based Hard Disk Recovery Services. It’s only when it isn’t there, for example when a [SAVE command] has not worked, that we have to tell the client we can’t do it.”

Not all “drive failures” are real, however. Often, they are just file system issues. Sites likeĀ Tom’s Hardware, and HDD Guru offer great tips on recovering from these file disasters.

Similarly, Torstein Engen, product manager for Norwegian data recovery specialist, IBAS Laboratories, claims …


Looking at patents and the way technology companies have been able to thrive is what this site is about, but the patent law tends to be dry, while the technologies themselves are often revolutionary. The field of hyperspectral imaging, as an example, is an interesting one that has a lot of promise going forward. Not sure what hyperspectral imaging is? Well, it is a process where a hyperspectral imaging system (like this, as an example) collects and processes a wide variety of information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. What is interesting about this is that while the eye only sees visible light in a total of three bands, spectral imaging can divide this spectrum into many more bands, which allows for much better analysis.

To the naked eye, not much. But to hyperspectral imagers, more than you'd think!

To the naked eye, not much. But to hyperspectral imagers, more than you’d think!


cyrtIf you were to practice deep breathing as a key relaxation technique for anxiety, you only need to find a quiet corner. It can be a challenge to find such a quiet corner if you are in the middle of chaos and among too many people. In fact, that alone may be causing you anxiety. Excuse yourself from the mayhem and find a corner where you can sit by yourself for a few minutes.

Make sure you are dressed comfortably and everything about your body is in a state of relax. With any relaxation technique for anxiety it is important to ensure that your body is perfectly comfortable and at ease. Even tight clothing may be restrictive to deep breathing exercises. Obviously, you cannot always find a mat or bed or even enough floor space to stretch out fully. A …


usmSnoring is one of the inconvenient things many people suffer from especially at a certain stage of life. The soft tissues behind the back end of the throat are involved in causing snoring disorders. Sleeping on back assists fallback jaws, causing block of the air passage and finally, snoring. Therefore, keeping jaws in right place while sleeping makes you snoreless. In order to keep the jaws in right place during the sleep you can use snoring mouthpiece. Reading few authentic snoring mouthpiece reviews can help you choose the best one as your requirements.

Though different remedies are used in treating snoring disorder, the last one is surgery. It is well known that any surgery costs much compared to other options available. In addition, there are risks of adverse side effects. The most dangerous risk is that enough scar tissue could …


ecOverlooked in the euphoric rush to embrace electronic commerce are the consequences it will have on existing conventions. Not only will e- commerce blaze new trails in the legal profession, it threatens long-standing commerce practices.

The victims–the so-called dis-intermediated–will be numerous. If you think e-commerce won’t have a debilitating effect on bricks-and-mortar retailing, then I have news for you. It will. Much of the estimated $7 billion or so spent online last year was siphoned from the coffers of retailers. Independent bookstores, auto dealers, first-class mail providers and even drug stores could be radically reshaped or downsized as the tentacles of e-commerce touch more industry segments.

How would you like to never run out of toothpaste, shaving cream or aspirin again? You could simply arrange to have it arrive on a regular basis at your home. I pay my …


cd-rNews that the levy on CD-Recordables (CD-R) and digital audio tapes DAT) would be suspended temporarily came as a pleasant surprise to IT managers who spent the first two weeks of the year scrounging for backup media. The saga, however, has only gotten more complicated.

The Canadian Copyright Board isn’t expected to decide on the details of the levy until this spring, which meant that importers and manufacturers had to raise their prices for the worst-case scenario. However, on Jan.18, the Canadian Private Copying Collective, an organization set up by the Canadian recording industry to collect the funds, announced that it will wait for the board’s decision rather than collect the levy retroactively.

Whatever the Copyright Board’s ultimate decision on the issue, Paul Audley, the CPCC representative responsible for the copyright case, says that his organization “is confident it …


caCopyright law continues to evolve as it struggles to protect creativity in the face of technological advance and globalization. The last six months have seen developments on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border which show how the struggle continues and how copyright law is adapting.

This past October, the U.S. Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Among the Act’s most notable features for the IT world is the creation of a “safe harbour” from copyright infringement for online service providers.

Before the DMCA, online service providers could in theory be liable for copyright infringement if some third party posted infringing materials on their site, even if the provider did not actually know that the material was infringing. Under the DMCA, the definition of a service provider is very broad. However, if a provider follows the Act’s …


ipsA controversy of sorts is brewing over technology to help transaction- based Web sites manage their loads.

InfoSpinner Inc., maker of ForeSite host-to-Web middleware, claims it holds the rights to the load balancing design used in many Web application servers, but some vendors are questioning the legitimacy of the company’s patent.

The U.S. Patent Office approved in April a patent that shows InfoSpinner, of Richardson, Texas, developed dynamic load balancing and many other Web application server functions pivotal to electronic commerce.

Keith Lowery, InfoSpinner chief technology officer, said the patent covers the process used in generating dynamic Web pages, rather than a specific technology.

“When the browser makes the request to a Web server, the patent covers the notion of redirecting that request to other machines [application servers] within a cluster and having those other machines dynamically produce a …